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Environmental assesment of projects

Check and certify a) on behalf of the Department responsible for the Protection of the Mining Environment and / or the Standing Assessment Committee that the Environmental Plans comply with the relevant regulations;

Perform environmental audits Environmental and Mining Services, abbreviated as "EMIS" sprl, may hired by Holders or applicants of mining or quarry rights to prepare their Environmental Plans.

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Mines & Geology

  • Geological and mining sudies,
  • Studies and design of mining designs, Feasibility studies,
  • Evaluation of mineral reserves by geochemistry, geophysics
  • Hydrogeological studies, Etc.

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Consulting firm

  • Assistance to mining companies through technical notes related to environmental obligations and compliance with the Mining Code and Regulations, for sustainable management of the environment, the effective application of the project's environmental management plan and the fight against pollution by protection of biodiversity.
  • Training in the context of environmental protection, safety, hygiene and health.
  • Training in new technologies (use of drones and its processing software)

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Experts & qualifications

he experts are qualified and have advanced degrees plus additional training in earth science and technology. The experts have a minimum of three years' experience.
Experts have technical training in the development and assessment of environmental impact studies and environmental audit after completing a training program lasting at least one year at a college or training center technician recognized as having subject matter expertise. The interpretation of the law covered by a firm specializing in the field of mining and business law.

Some experts have experience in developing and evaluating the social aspects of environmental impact studies.

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